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I   -  about our Classes
II  -  about Motorcycles, Licensing, etc.
III -  about Scooters & Mopeds

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  I -  FAQ’s about our Classes


What will I get out of your BRC class?

   Upon successful completion of the course you can get your motorcycle endorsement on your
License or a Motorcycle-Only License without further testing by the DMV.  You may
qualify for insurance discounts.


Is FL Keys 1st Motorcycle Riding School an approved training program?

   Yes – we are approved by the State of Florida FRTP and as a sponsor through MSF


How long is the course?

   The BRC is a total of 15 hours over 2 days. 5 hours classroom instructions and 10 hours riding
   on a closed
range away from traffic.


What do I need to do to sign up?

   Pick a date for your class, call us at 305-394-5085, we will give you all the details on the

   phone. Or go to the "REGISTRATION" page and view all 3 options for registration.

What are the enrollment requirements?

   For the BRC: be at least 16 years of age; hold at least a Class E Driver License or a
   Learner's Driver License.  
For the ERC:  21 years of age or older, motorcycle endorsement on your license. Bring your
   own motorcycle or written
permission to use another privately owned motorcycle.  Provide
   your own DOT approved helmet and 
protective riding gear. Provide proof of Liability 
   Insurance on the motorcycle you


How much does the course cost?

   The BRC cost is $275.00  No additional costs. That includes all training material, and a

   Basic RiderCourse Handbook for you to keep. NOTE: there is a small fee by DMV to apply
 the motorcycle endorsement put on your drives license.

   The ERC cost is $125.00 and has different requirements (see previous FAQ)


What about the “First Ride Experience”?

   The First Ride Experience is for anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle or scooter

   and would like to find out if they would like to do so in the future.  ‘Get a taste’ and actually

   experience what it’s like to ride a motorcycle/scooter without committing to the full program.

   The cost is $50.00 and you get a $20.00 credit for a future BRC class.


What do I need for the class?

-          Full length sturdy pants (no shorts)

-          Long sleeve shirt

-          Over the ankle footwear

-          Full fingered gloves

-          Eye protection (sunglasses & glasses are OK)

-          DOT approved helmet (or use ours) Be considerate and bring a bandanna if you
 use our loaner helmet

Highly Recommended:

Sun screen, Rain Gear ( we ride “rain or shine”), a snack – you will not be able to leave
the range except lunch.  We provide water - any other drinks you need to bring yourself.

Can I wear my own helmet?

   Yes – if it is a DOT approved helmet


Can I use my own bike for the class?

   No – not for the BRC or FRE.  We use light weight training bikes as per MSF regulations.

   For the Experienced RiderCourse you can use your own bike, but must show Liability Ins.


Do I need to have any riding experience?

   No, not at all.  You must be able to touch with both feet on the ground while straddling

   a motorcycle and be able to hold the bike up when stopping or walking the motorcycle.

   (No worries – we have bikes of all sizes)  If you have not ridden a bicycle in a long

   time, it would be good to get some practice before attempting to ride a motorcycle.


If it rains will the class be canceled?

   No – we will ride in the rain as long as it is safe to ride, just like in real life.




II – FAQ’s about Motorcycles, Licensing etc.


How will I get my MC Endorsement on my Drivers License after the course?

   We will electronically transmit the result of your tests to the DHSMV and you can go

   to the local Driver License office and get a new license with the endorsement. NOTE: a

   small fee will be assessed by the State.


When is a Motorcycle Endorsement required?

   To operate any two or three wheel motorcycle/scooter, whose engine is more than 50cc, you
required to have a motorcycle endorsement on your driver license or a Motorcycle-

   Only License.


What are the requirements to obtain a Motorcycle Endorsement?
   -     be at least 16 years of age
   -          hold at least a regular Class E operator’s driver license or a Learner's Driver License

-          complete a State approved Motorcycle Safety Course (BRC)

   -     if you are under 18, you must obtain permission from your legal guardian 

What are the requirements for a “Motorcycle Only” License?

-          be at least 16 years of age, and if under 18, hold a Learner’s License for one year with no traffic convictions

-          Pass the same knowledge test as for a regular Class E operator’s License

-          Complete a State approved Motorcycle Safety Course (BRC)

-          Your license will be restricted to “Motorcycles Only”


Who is required to wear eye protection? Operator and passenger?

   Only the operator must wear eye protection, windshield or not.  Passengers should, but

   are not required to do so.

Are you required to wear a helmet?
   A person 21 or older may operate a motorcycle without a helmet if they carry an insurance
   policy providing for at least $10,000 in medical benefits for injuries incurred in a bike crash.
   Mopeds and motorcycles 50cc or less and cannot exceed 30 mph on level ground:
   You are not required to wear a helmet.  Passengers under 16, however, are required to wear a

Is insurance required for motorcycles in Florida?

   Insurance is NOT required to register a motorcycle.  However, if a motorcyclist is in a

   & SCOOTERS.  Florida’s No-Fault, or “PIP Law” does not apply to motorcycles/scooters.
   However, the Financial Responsibility FR Law applies to ALL motor vehicles in Florida,
   including motorcycles/scooters. Thus the voluntary purchase of motor vehicle liability insurance
   by an owner, operator or owner/operator is highly recommended. Failure to to carry property
   damages and bodily injury liability insurance in case of crash, DUI conviction or other
   occurrences outlined in Florida’s FR Law. Ch. 324 may result in some or all of the following:
   Loss of license/tag and registration, and/or civil court judgment, and/future proof (three years)
   of high risk.  SR22 mandatory liability insurance coverage just to keep your driver’s license –
   even if you do not own any motor vehicle. Source> Florida Motorcycle Handbook 2006.

How do I get endorsed for a three-wheel motorcycle or sidecar motorcycle?
   You have two options:
   Option One:
   - Complete the "Requirements to obtain a Motorcycle Endorsement" listed above
   - Once you complete these requirements, you will be endorsed to ride either a two wheel or 
      three wheel motorcycle.
   Option Two:
   - Hold at least a regular Class E drivers license.
   - Complete the dedicated sidecar/trike motorcycle safety course.
   - NOTE: Your endorsement will be restricted to "Three-wheel Motorcycles Only"

Is there a motorized vehicle you can operate on public roads with no license?

   Yes – if you are at least 16 years of age, you may ride a bicycle that is propelled by a

   combination of human power (pedals) and an electric helper-motor that cannot go faster

   than 20 mph.  These are exempt from the driver license definition law defining a

   “motor vehicle” and thus do not require a driver license.


III – FAQ’s about Scooters & Mopeds


What are "small" Scooters and Mopeds?

-          Scooters are usually two-wheel motorcycle-type motor vehicles with less than 50 cc  (or less than 2 brake horsepower) gas engines that have automatic transmissions.

-          Mopeds also have less than 50 cc engines with two wheels, but have pedals and may be operated solely by human power.


Who can legally operate a scooter or moped?

   Anyone with at least a regular Class E driver license and tag & registration are required

   Persons 16 and older may operate a moped/scooter or ride as passenger without a

   helmet.  Persons under 16 may not operate a moped/scooter, but may ride as a

   passenger with protective headgear securely fastened upon their head.


What is a “Electric Helper-Motor Bicycle”?

   If you are at least 16 years of age, you may ride a bicycle that is propelled by a

   combination of human power (pedals) and an electric helper-motor that cannot go faster

   than 20 mph.  These are exempt from the driver license definition law defining a

   “motor vehicle” and thus do not require a driver license.


What are “Motorized Scooters”?

   Motorized scooters are small two or three wheel vehicles that a person may stand upon

   or sit upon to operate.  Some have electric motors and some have gas engines.  The

   steering is managed by use of a T-shaped handlebar.

   Motorized scooters can in most cases not be legally operated on public roadways nor on

   sidewalks or bicycle paths.

   Please check your city and county ordinances for restrictions and local laws.

Can gas & electric motorized scooters be operated on public streets, roads,
sidewalks or bicycle paths?
Motorized scooters that lack license plates and registration can NOT be operated on public
   roadways even if the rider is licensed.
   Motorized scooters that lack license plates and registration can only be operated by human
   power on a bicycle path or sidewalk.

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