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               RIDE the RIGHT  way - SAFE sm

Course Information

The courses are taught by MSF and FRTP certified RiderCoaches in small groups. 
Basic RiderCourses are on weekends (Sat-Sun) Class limited to 8 students.
We believe in small class sizes to provide individual attention to each student.  The skill exercises are done on a closed range away from traffic. The setting promotes a
low risk, stress free learning environment.
We offer courses for beginners (BRC), experienced riders (ERC) and private lessons. Schedules for ERC and First Ride Experience upon request.


A note about FL Law:

As of July 1, 2008 all riders in the State of Florida must successfully complete a State approved RiderCourse to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on their license. Regardless of age.

What to wear to class:

- Full length sturdy pants
- Long sleeve shirt
- Over the ankle footwear
 - Full fingered gloves
- Eye protection
- DOT approved helmet if you have (or use ours)
- Rain gear (optional)
- Sun screen

Light weigh training bikes

The objective of the Basic RiderCourse is to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of safe and responsible motorcycling.  To provide the knowledge and skills to obtain a motorcycle endorsement on your license and operate a motorcycle on the streets and highways.

The BRC is part of a larger rider training and education system.  It is geared to the beginning rider but  also offers a wealth of knowledge and skill practices for the rider with years of experience.  

The curriculum has approximately 5 hours of interactive classroom instructions and 10 hours of riding exercises.  At the conclusion of the two (2) day course you will have achieved entry level skills for riding in traffic.  After successful completion of a riding evaluation and a written exam you can get your endorsement on your license.  No further testing by Florida DHSMV is required.

            Is it something You will enjoy?  Find out with:


A 2 hour introductory riding experience for adventurous souls. You will actually RIDE a bike at the conclusion. Even if you have  never ridden a motorcycle before. You need nothing, only the desire to try.

Congratulation! Here is a challenge to improve your skills:

The Experienced RiderCourse is for the rider who has his endorsement, has some real live riding experience and is interested in developing their riding and safety awareness skills on their own motorcycle.

Do you want to have fun and  LEARN to RIDE ?! 
Learn more about yourself, your bike and meet like minded folks from all walks of life??  Come see us! Call                                             
                                  305 - 394 - 5085

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